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The Power

Model:         Ashley Salon:          Bryant of New York Salon Many of...

On Loc

Model:               Olivia Stylists:             Monica, Bryant G...

Late Night Fades

Models: Maurice Stylist: Shellie Martinez Photographer: William Mason

End of Summer

Classes are starting, so it’s time to revamp your wardrobe! Check out these menswear styles from Decade...

Posted Up On The Block

Models: Koko Khy Stylist: Shellie Martinez Photographer: William Mason

Smartter By Nature

Model: Jason Smartt Stylist: Shellie Martinez Photographer: William Mason

Cameo: TJay M

Everyone, model or not, has their own signature look that can easily be recognized by the...

Cameo: Nik Caldwell

Often, fashion photographers and portrait photographers are at the mercy of the weather. Today’s Industry Photography...

Meet Di

Model: Ab-di Barber: Shellie Martinez  

The Neighbor

Fellow Hollywoods Barbershop barber, Jared, hopped in Shellie’s chair so of course we had to take...

Styling & Profiling

Fridays are the perfect time for one of our Cameo mini photoshoots. Free haircuts, good lighting....


Another successful Cameo mini photoshoot. #ShellieDidIt   Model: Yomi Stylist: Shellie Martinez

A Force to be Reckoned With

Model:  Joe L. Stylist:  Shellie Martinez

What’s up Doc?

Stylist:  Shellie Martinez

Pure Nirvana

Model:  Cody A. Stylist:  Shellie Martinez

This Bud’s For You

Hollywood Barbers’ stylist Shellie Martinez chose to use her Cameo Package to showcase her client’s new...

Two Strangers and a Camera

Most of us have never thought of ourselves as models. There has always something we lacked,...

That Moment When

We all have that moment right after a good haircut. You know what it’s like. Everyone...

Nolan In the House

Fridays happen even on cloudy days in Denver, Colorado and a haircut is a must. Hollywood’s...

The New Standard

Model: Rick B Hair: Shellie Martinez      @barber_stylist_shellie   Public educational administrator slash undiscovered model...

Color, Cut, and a Shave

Some of you may remember the color purple. Just like Danny Glover knew, it’s not always...

Too Cool For School

Model: Omar Ziane           @OmarZiane95 Stylist: Shellie Martinez   @Barber_Stylist_Shellie  

Yellow Not Mellow

Model: @Alexander.A.Cruz Stylist: @Barber_Stylist_Shellie  


Model: @Avantae_Jackson Stylist: @Barber_Stylist_Shellie

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